Intuit learns from DRM mistake

Trying to saddle a software product with DRM/copy protection that is just going to piss off your customers doesn’t make you rich. Intuit learned this lesson the hard way.

When Intuit launched the copy-control program, it predicted that revenue would increase, since customers who had previously purchased only one TurboTax program would have to buy a separate copy for each computer in the house. That assumption was dead wrong. Instead, the move triggered a consumer backlash the likes of which Intuit had never seen.

Another tie for DC

Yes, United managed another league tie this past weekend – but this time they scored a goal!

Two observations:

  • Ryan Nelsen is the man, both in defense and in midfield. Too bad he got red carded in this game.
  • Nice to see a crowd of 21,00 at RFK to support DC through its worst league start ever.

Oh yeah Ray, give Ali some minutes!

Ed Morgans has a great analysis of the match on the United website.

England likes the American Keepers

The best quote of the article came from Ivan Gazidis that makes it sound like its no big deal that the biggest club (moneywise) in the world wants an MLS player.

"There's discussions about our top players every day, as clubs around the world express interest on a regular basis."

Coca != Cocaine ?

Interesting article forwarded to me by my cousin from the WSJ on Coca Eradication failing in Bolivia. Unfortunately you need a subscription to view it online but you can get a lot of info from Google News too.

And from Erythroxylum: The Coca Plant

The Andean culture and the coca plant have thrived for centuries. It is ironic that this same plant that is used as a cure in its homeland is the source for so much abuse and misunderstanding in other parts of the world.

can send Trackbacks

Some of you fine readers may wonder why I’m rolling my own instead of
going with a pre-exisiting package.  It’s mostly a learning excercise
and so I can practice new programming techniques (thanks php patterns)
behind the scenes. This site is a convenient excuse and by-product

Anyway, specifically I’ve finally gotten the administration scripts
I use to store data in a per-datatype table. Beforehand, every
datatype (news item, topic, etc) had its data stored in a single
‘records’ table – a technique I’d been exposed to at work and that we
use with our web content framework Syntax. However, I’d been toying with the idea of
being able to put stuff in the db in a more normalized way while still
keeping the flexibility of relating objects and modifying input forms.

Another interesting feature I’ve added is the option to send Trackback
pings for news stories from the back end. My next step is to write some
public code for accepting and storing trackback pings.

Thanks go out to my Dad’s website for beta-testing new code for me unexpectedly

. And to my colleague Ginger for letting me use her new blog to test my trackback pings.