Random Tables for Dokuwiki

I’ve been using dokuwiki to prepare for the D&D game sessions I’ve been running since 2020. I know there are newer tools that are quite popular and used, particularly Notion and Obsidian. I like hosting my content and have always wanted to do more with Dokuwiki, which is a long-running PHP project that remains actively …

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Everything I learned to manage my career I learned from Soccer

When I started working as a web developer, there wasn’t a lot of guidance about what that meant as a career choice. Of course, back then we were getting over the excitement of the blink tag and the new design opportunities afforded by table tags. I had to figure out a career path, and I did manage to do just that by watching a lot of soccer.

20 Years of PHP

Ben Ramsey shared how he got started with PHP and had the great idea of asking others to write about their stories and tagging it as #20yearsofphp. This is my story. When I graduated from college in 2000, I began looking for a job without a clear idea of what I wanted to do. In grad …

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Avoid PHP character set errors

Always tough to line up all the places where text passes through or is stored. HT PHP Character sets can be confusing at the best of times. This post aims to explain the potential problems and suggest solutions. How to Avoid Character Encoding Problems in PHP « James Cohen