Random Tables for Dokuwiki

I’ve been using dokuwiki to prepare for the D&D game sessions I’ve been running since 2020. I know there are newer tools that are quite popular and used, particularly Notion and Obsidian. I like hosting my content and have always wanted to do more with Dokuwiki, which is a long-running PHP project that remains actively developed and has an active community. I discovered it years ago when looking for a wiki solution that didn’t require a database to function. There are plugins for adding new syntax, controlling page layout, and even for treating pages as database entries or interfacing with a sqlite database.

One feature missing, which is quite specific to role playing games (and maybe some board games) are rolling on random tables. Not being able to find one that could be hacked to do the job, I’ve been working on a custom plugin to do just that. It’s finally where I feel comfortable releasing it, in case others might find it useful. You can see how to install it and use it on RandomTables plugin page.

An HTML table of four entries representing the suits in a deck of cards with a "Roll" button above that picks an entry at random.
Sample random table output by my dokuwiki plugin.