Real Life

20 Years of PHP

Ben Ramsey¬†shared how he got started with PHP and had the great idea of asking others to write about their stories and tagging it as #20yearsofphp. This is my story. When I graduated from college in 2000, I began looking for a job without a clear idea of what I wanted to do. In grad …

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The day steve jobs died, my mom, who is in the hospital fighting ovarian cancer, came off of a respirator. She couldn’t talk, so she used my iPad to type out what she needed.

Serenity Parenting Now!

I like his description of Serenity parenting, it matches how we are trying to raise our two sons. I still think I should make a t-shirt that says “My kid’s gonna enjoy soccer wether he likes it or not.” But twin research has another far more amazing lesson: With a few exceptions, the effect of …

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Running, one day at a time

Patty and I have a deal to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler together, and another race in Wisconsin in reciprocity. She ran 3.1 miles this morning. Today I ran, according to my treadmill, for 32 minutes, 2.3 miles, and burned 400 calories. Next run is Thursday.

First 3 months as a Dad

One of the first things I’ve noticed as a new father is how sensitive I am again to time passing.  After graduating college, my has not been measured in discrete chunks of time like semesters, nor have there been regular events like summer/fall/spring breaks to look forward to as a break in my schedule.  Time …

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No H20 for Nicholas

Drinking water can be harmful to smallest babies – Yahoo! News It must drive these researchers crazy to hear what their parents gave to babies, grapes, juices, honey… Babies younger than six months old should never be given water to drink, physicians at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore remind parents. Consuming too much water …

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Introducing Nicholas

I’m very happy to introduce you to the newest member of our familily, Nicholas Herbert, pictured here taking a nap with his proud dad.  He was born in the early morning hours of April 8th.  Since then he’s kept us busy between feedings, diaper changes, and one to two hour cat naps throughout the day.  …

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