Random DnD Monuments

For fun, I dove into procedural text generation using Improv. It works well enough – the fact that grammars are JSON files is tedious but you can create some interesting bits of text at random. After getting the hang of it, I went down the rabbit hole to generate descriptions of monuments a party might …

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Highest attended soccer matches in the USA

This started as a reply to a reddit poster claiming a USA-Turkey match in 2010 was “the highest attended soccer match ever” According to this the attendance was 55,407. Nice, but not the highest ever for soccer.http://www.ussoccer.com/news/mens-national-team/2010/05/turkey-game-report.aspx But not the larget for soccer that I can find. Portugal played the USA at RFK during the …

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Building CandiData

This past weekend, my colleague and friend Sandy Smith participated in Election Hackathon 2012 (read his take of the hackathon). We built our first public Musketeers.me product, Candidata.me. This was my first hackathon, and it was exciting and exhausting to bring something to life in little more than 24 hours. Our idea combined a number of …

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