Random DnD Monuments

For fun, I dove into procedural text generation using Improv. It works well enough – the fact that grammars are JSON files is tedious but you can create some interesting bits of text at random. After getting the hang of it, I went down the rabbit hole to generate descriptions of monuments a party might

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Colorized Word Diffs

I’ve been finding myself doing a lot for copy and tech editting. I needed a way to annotate a PDF based on the changes I’d made to our markdown source. Trying to eyeball this was difficult, and I checked if there was a way to do word-by-word diffs based on SVN output. Remember, SVN’s diff

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Highest attended soccer matches in the USA

This started as a reply to a reddit poster claiming a USA-Turkey match in 2010 was “the highest attended soccer match ever” According to this the attendance was 55,407. Nice, but not the highest ever for soccer.http://www.ussoccer.com/news/mens-national-team/2010/05/turkey-game-report.aspx But not the larget for soccer that I can find. Portugal played the USA at RFK during the

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