Why I don’t have an MS Passport


The flaw, in Passport’s password recovery mechanism, could have allowed an attacker to change the password on any account
to which the username is known. The simplicity of the attack method and
the high value of the data frequently stored in Passport
accounts–names, addresses, birthdates and credit card
numbers–combined to make the vulnerability critical.




GalCiv Demo Available

Galactic Civilizations is a better MOO than MOO3, that’s my first impression having played the game for about a week now. I haven’t played MOO3 and based on the overall bad reviews
of it I will stay away. StarDock’s game definitely has that “just
one more turn” appeal that hypothecially may keep you up until 3
AM. Here are some of the things they’ve gotten right:

  • No ship design: at first I thought I’d miss this feature but I
    don’t – as you research new weapons and improvements for your ships
    they’re auto applied.
  • Starbases: you can build star bases in sectors and customize them
    with different modules that give different bonuses to ships or colonies
    in a sector.
  • Governors: no AI governors but you can customize each governor’s
    build list in essence giving you “global queues” that each planet will
    build to.
  • Internal Politics: besides managing diplomacy with other races,
    you have to keep your own party in control of the Senate by keeping
    your populace happy.
  • Race customization: even though you can only play as Humans, you
    can customize pretty thoroughly the bonuses for your species. So you
    can play as super-researcher humans or bad-ass warrior race humans or
  • Did I mention the huge tech tree to research?

Initial Concerns:

  • Ship to ship combat doesn’t seem to have much of an element of luck to it.
  • Sucks you in for long periods of time

Let’s party likes it’s 1999

If the USA does get it, it should only help the dying WUSA which has burnned through it initial investment money, has two of its media funders – Time Warner & Comcast – pulling out their involvement, and had its founding member take a paycut. I hope Women’s Soccer can make it as a pro-sport even though its a tough environment for pro-sports overall, as I think it can only help grow soccer overall.

There’s a lot of speculation over where the event would be held, since stadiums will likely be taken over American Football by then. I think the mind’s at MLS would love to have some of the tournament games in Columbus Crew Stadium and also in the LA Galaxy’s new stadium. I expect most of the games to be held in city’s that have a WUSA team and a big stadium like Boston, Washington DC, and San Jose.

Details available on the NY Times, Washington Post, and New Jersey Start Ledger.