Let’s party likes it’s 1999

If the USA does get it, it should only help the dying WUSA which has burnned through it initial investment money, has two of its media funders – Time Warner & Comcast – pulling out their involvement, and had its founding member take a paycut. I hope Women’s Soccer can make it as a pro-sport even though its a tough environment for pro-sports overall, as I think it can only help grow soccer overall.

There’s a lot of speculation over where the event would be held, since stadiums will likely be taken over American Football by then. I think the mind’s at MLS would love to have some of the tournament games in Columbus Crew Stadium and also in the LA Galaxy’s new stadium. I expect most of the games to be held in city’s that have a WUSA team and a big stadium like Boston, Washington DC, and San Jose.

Details available on the NY Times, Washington Post, and New Jersey Start Ledger.