Real Life

In pursuit of masks

Instead of being good and sticking to my running schedule, a 40 minute run every other day, I had to skip running on a treadmill tonight. It wasn’t exactly for lack of motivation but the two beers after work did squash the little motivation voice in my head. Still, more pressing things had to get […]

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Don’t I know you?

I had quite a surprising encounter while walking to lunch today. As we were crossing the street near the post office I made eye contact with a woman crossing towards us. We both looked at each other realizing that we knew each other and just waiting for our brain’s to process the information. I somewhat

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Case of the Mondays

Coming back from a vacation is always difficult. I feel your pain, Jason. "I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed… or buy anything sold or processed… or process anything sold, bought or processed… or repair anything sold, bought or

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The Anonymity of Fame

Interesting article on the Washington Times about the popularity of sports message boards in which Sachin Shah mentions how we ended up being roomates at the beginning of this year. "Basically, a lot of us over the years have gotten to know each other on BigSoccer," Shah said. "I know of at least two couples

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