Don’t I know you?

I had quite a surprising encounter while walking to lunch today. As we were crossing the street near the post office I made eye contact with a woman crossing towards us. We both looked at each other realizing that we knew each other and just waiting for our brain’s to process the information. I somewhat hesitantly ventured a "Hello, Mrs. Kulesher. I was in your journalism classes back at TJ." She asked me my name but I’m not sure she really placed me, of course given the number of kids she’s known over the years its expected. Having acknowledged that we knew each other we went on with our day

Back in high school, journalism was one of those electives you took because it wasn’t too demanding. However, here I am ten years later still using things I learned during class or in between NetTrek games when we’d write stories. It made me a slightly better writer by teaching me to:

  • …write leads to stories
  • …critique headlines.
  • …structure writing to put the more important stuff near the beginning.