In pursuit of masks

Instead of being good and sticking to my running schedule, a 40 minute run every other day, I had to skip running on a treadmill tonight. It wasn’t exactly for lack of motivation but the two beers after work did squash the little motivation voice in my head. Still, more pressing things had to get done.

Staci and I spent a good hour and a half running around Sterling looking for a soccer ball mask to wear to a Halloween party this Saturday. We went to six different stores and were lucky to grab the last two at Walmart. We had to psuedo-dumpster dive through boxes and shopping carts filled with cheap masks and costumes.

We’re still debating wether we’ll take them to the DC United playoff game before the party. I think we can put them on at the start of the game and if/when DC scores. Unfortunately, the game won’t be televised locally so the chance of a fleeting minute of camera time is miniscule.

We’ll get pictures of us in our masks and I already have an idea for a picture or two to use permanently on this site.