TekX – Introduction to Testing with Selenium

Arne Blankerts – part of, premium PHP consulting and training. Selenium is a java based portable testing framework. Seleniumm RC runs any browser supported by the framework, firefox, opera, etc Can operate/execute ANY browser available on the host machine On Linux, have to tweak how process is shutdown. Selenium IDE – extension for Firefox …

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Habari Project impressions

I have to admit that i jumped over to using Habari for my blog mainly based on how well designed and obejct oriented the underlying API seemed from the documentation. Coming from looking at Drupal code all day, which is painfully NOT Object Oriented, yes with capitals, the code is more readable and, so far, …

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Useful SVN one-liner

Add it to your aliases, this one liner adds all unrecognized files in the current directory (preceded by ? in svn status) to a svn project. svn st | grep ‘^?’ | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 7 | xargs svn add

Tip: Disable Drupal performance settings

On development, testing, and staging site you normally don’t want Drupal’s caching, and javascript/css aggregation features enabled.  Drop the following into your sites settings.php file to override these settings.  // disable performance caching$conf[‘cache’] = 0;$conf[‘block_cache’] = 0;$conf[‘preprocess_css’] = 0;$conf[‘preprocess_js’] = 0;