The new "Bytes in the Margin"

Its time to relaunch my blog as Bytes in the Margin. I like the new name, which is not an anagram of my own name. I was inspired by all the notebooks I have from school and work meetings, which are decorated with pen and pencil doodles in the margin.

While the title is new, the content won’t really change, and I’ve left the Feedburner feed at RecordAsIAm still enabled, so hopefully I don’t lose any subscribers.

This also gives me a chance to check out a new blogging/content management platform – Habari Project, which, from looking at the code, looks like a very nicely designed PHP blogging framework. Given that my major point of reference is Drupal, that may not be saying much. If you’re particularly geek, learn Why Habari? or look at how they’ve implemented Plugins