Smelly PHP code

Adam Culp posted the 3rd article in his Clean Development Series this week, Dirty Code (how to spot/smell it). When you read it, you should keep in mind that he is pointing out practices which correlate with poorly written code not prescribing a list of things to avoid. It’s a good list of things to …

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Building CandiData

This past weekend, my colleague and friend Sandy Smith participated in Election Hackathon 2012 (read his take of the hackathon). We built our first public product, This was my first hackathon, and it was exciting and exhausting to bring something to life in little more than 24 hours. Our idea combined a number of …

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Avoid PHP character set errors

Always tough to line up all the places where text passes through or is stored. HT PHP Character sets can be confusing at the best of times. This post aims to explain the potential problems and suggest solutions. How to Avoid Character Encoding Problems in PHP ¬ę James Cohen