Git PHP lint pre-commit hook

This post describes a small tweak to make to php lint checking via a git pre-commit hook. Using git hooks to check syntax errors – Tim Akinbo’s Blog

JSON supplanting XML

Lessons: Use Cases matter, and programmers (the users in this case) will choose tools that are both simple, in that they are not complicated/over-engineered, and easy to use, requiring little setup and code to accomplish a task.  For parsing data with PHP, constrast using something like SimpleXML or DOMDocument (which is light-years better than where …

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NetBeans 6.9 is out.

There's a new release of the the one full-blown IDE that I've managed to stick with.  If Eclipse doesn't fit your style, give Netbeans a spin – I like its inline code completion, the source-code beautifier, and the integration with SVN and Mercurial.  I particularly find the source control usability much better than Eclipse. After …

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TekX – Introduction to Testing with Selenium

Arne Blankerts – part of, premium PHP consulting and training. Selenium is a java based portable testing framework. Seleniumm RC runs any browser supported by the framework, firefox, opera, etc Can operate/execute ANY browser available on the host machine On Linux, have to tweak how process is shutdown. Selenium IDE – extension for Firefox …

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Habari Project impressions

I have to admit that i jumped over to using Habari for my blog mainly based on how well designed and obejct oriented the underlying API seemed from the documentation. Coming from looking at Drupal code all day, which is painfully NOT Object Oriented, yes with capitals, the code is more readable and, so far, …

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