Importing to BitBucket

When bitbucket added git to their code hosting service, I signed up to try out the service. Primarily since they offer unlimited free private repositories, which is perfect for one-coder projects like this blog. Each repository also gets a wiki and an issue tracker. Creating an account was straight forward, I then had to import […]

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Using Disqus for Comment

I'm testing using Disqus for commenting here.  Drupal's core comment module is adequate but Disqus provides a number of features, particluarly integration with Facebook and Twitter, that would require more work otherwise.  There's even a Disqus module that integrates the plugin as a block. While it doesn't integrate with Mollom, it does integrate with Akismet,

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Habari Project impressions

I have to admit that i jumped over to using Habari for my blog mainly based on how well designed and obejct oriented the underlying API seemed from the documentation. Coming from looking at Drupal code all day, which is painfully NOT Object Oriented, yes with capitals, the code is more readable and, so far,

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