Friday Flick Fun

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little alliteration today.  I’ve had a flickr account for a while now, and its definitely a slick site if you’re looking for a good photo sharing site.  If you’re using Kodak’s photo sharing site, switch now.  I’ll be honest now, if you send a link to a kodak gallery, I’ll …

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Keep track of blog comments

What are some strategies for keeping track of comments you leave on other people’s blogs?  Knowing when someone replies to an interesting comment encourages discussion and participation.  Some feeds provide comment feeds, for the site as a whole or for individual posts, but before long you might end up with dozens of feeds in your …

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New Server!

Last week, I moved this blog, email, and other sites including Soccer Blogs, to a newer, more powerful server. The database is mauve, which Sandy tells me is the best color for a database. You should notice its a lot peppier – about 100% peppier, than the old server which was beginning to show its …

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Comments & Spam

I’ve had to put in a number of checks and anti-spam measurements to counteract s slew of comment and trackback spam.  If you try to leave a comment and run into errors, please email me to let me know. 

Blogging and Organizations

Via Network-Centric Advocacy, I had a small “aha” moment, from a piece they linked to on AlterNet, Blogging While Black. To me, it resonates with why many communications folks within an organization don’t know what to make of blogging. Being the Communications Director somewhere means your supposed to be crafting , filtering, and controlling the …

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