Keep track of blog comments

What are some strategies for keeping track of comments you leave on other people’s blogs?  Knowing when someone replies to an interesting comment encourages discussion and participation. 

Some feeds provide comment feeds, for the site as a whole or for individual posts, but before long you might end up with dozens of feeds in your aggregator.  Another approach is to allow users to receive notification via email, but then you’re giving your email address to yet another website.  A third approach is to use a service like Commentful, co.mments, or coComment, which promise to track comments across blogs and other social sites.

Commentful tracks comments after the user has added them to their tracking queue and provides a firefox plugin for notifications, but not a syndication feed.  co.mments also requires you to add  URLs to be watched for comments, and provides handly bookmarklets to simplify the process, and most importantly, you can get comment updates in a feed.  coComment, on the other hand, apparently makes a copy of your comment and then you "track the ensuing conversation without having to check back on the original site."  The latter sounds like hijacking someone else’s hard-earned participation. 

For that reason, I’m going to give co.mments a try.  If you follow any number of blogs, I’d encourage you to do the same and post about your experience here.