Web professionalism – still true today

Roger Johansson’s post from 2005 is still as true today as it was then: A web professional can never stop learning.  Here it’s 2007 and we’re still dealing with designs that look best in photoshop, and my personal pet peeve – images for text headers (is there anything less useful?). 

Web professionals who refuse to update their skills and insist on using outdated methods can no longer be called web professionals.

One of the last sites I worked on, I actually punted the html code back to the designer and asked them to redo it using less tables and more CSS.  Surprisingly, it worked – I had to clean up some of the CSS and layout myself but the end result was table free. (BTW, this wasn’t someone at work).  How do you deal with less than web ready "designs" or steer clients away from bad design decisions?