Unpatched IE Flaw exploits in the wild

If you’re using Internet Explorer, or are forced to use it at work, you should seriously consider switching browsers until Microsoft deems it time to release a patch to the latest Internet Explorer security hole. This one is pretty serious as it does not require any action on the user’s part beyond visiting a compromised website. Once you visit such a site, spyware and keyloggers can be installed on your machine to steal personal information. From the washington post article linked above:

Rather than download a “beta” (read: potentially unstable) version of
IE or wait around for Microsoft to issue a fix, a far better idea would
be to ditch IE altogether (or only use it only when absolutely
necessary). I use Mozilla’s Firefox for everyday browsing, but your mileage may vary. There are other options, of course, such as Opera and Netscape, to name a couple.

More details and interesting links on Asa Dotzler’s post titled Just think of it as an executable.