Make them Interact!

The more that a team can interact and iterate, the better you're final product can be.  In my ideal world, I'd skip a detailed wireframing exercise and get to building a prototype as soon as possible.  Its so much easier to explain what is difficult to build if there's something to click on.  Or you

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Multi-tasking is a myth

I’ve been finding that maintaining a fairly accurate todo list has helped me concentrate on finishing tasks and avoiding “multi-tasking”. I really like Hiveminder, an online todo list manager. It’s really easy to enter tasks – you can just type something like “Post article about multitasking on bloc [due Wednesday][blog]” to create an item that

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Management Anti-patterns

Sandy sent me a link listing anti-patterns as applied to management practices. For those not up on the jargon, an anit-pattern is a bad practice that is repeated frequently. I first heard this term in terms of programming patterns and anti-patterns, but I’ve since heard it used in non-programming contexts. I can honestly say I’ve

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