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I really, really hope that it doesn’t come to a work stoppage. As in most labor negotiations, it seems like a lot of posturing on both sides. The players really don’t have a lot of leverage without threatening a strike or stoppage. Let’s hope both sides don’t get too close to the brink that there is no turning back.

I guess the cat is out of the bag now. This is something I get to work on in the off-season, a new digital platform for the league and its teams. If only I could travel back in time 8 years to tell myself I’d be working on this.

MLS will roll out a new digital initiative for the start of the 2010 season, in partnership with Microsoft, among others. “The media landscape continues to change,” said Garber. “We know the platforms and outlets are changing…we will be very committed, very innovative and very supportive of the new digital environment.”

Garber talks tough on CBA