Friday Flick Fun

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little alliteration today.  I’ve had a flickr account for a while now, and its definitely a slick site if you’re looking for a good photo sharing site.  If you’re using Kodak’s photo sharing site, switch now.  I’ll be honest now, if you send a link to a kodak gallery, I’ll never look at it.  Not just because it requires registration, but the interface is horrible and its clearly geared toward getting people to buy prints of the pictures.  My flickr stream, along with some simple jquery magic, is now behind the image thumbnails on my blog’s header.  To go the extra geeky mile, I have it setup so that I can send a picture from my phone to flickr, and it’ll show up here.  Have fun stalking me!  Oh, and if you use flickr too, add me to your network and I’ll do the same.