Bayesian filter in PHP

Bayesian filtering has come to the fore for being exceedingly good at identifying spam. The Mozilla email clients use it and they are excellent, once trained, in separating real spam from false positives. IBM Developer works shows how to implement Bayesian inference in PHP.

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Running PHP4 and 5 together

Runnigng PHP4 and PHP5 together using apache proxying. To solve this problem, I used Apache’s mod_proxy module and two apache servers… My primary server runs PHP 5 as an Apache module and a second apache server runs PHP 4.3.5 as a module. My configuration requires that you can setup multiple virtual servers and run Apache

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Web Data Analysis with PHP

An interesting article on IBMP’s developer works site touches on how to Take Web data analysis to the next level with PHP. I was expecting an article geared toward getting more interesting metrics out of site access logs but the article focused on using chi-square tests with nominal data like survey results. This article was

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php function junction

Working well with php functions Most of the time its very tempting to open up your text editor and start writing code to scratch some itch. Smart programmers know to use functions to wrap up repetitive tasks and make life easier on themselves. The following piece is meant to give your functions a little extra

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