Dr. Horrible will continue

I didn’t miss the boat on Dr. Horrible, I just haven’t gotten around to blogging about it. If you missed it when it was free, you can get all 3 episodes on iTunes for just 4 dollars. You can’t beat that deal for your entertainment dollar. I highly recommend it, if you like any combination of super heroes, super villains, romantic comedy, and musicals. The news today from Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Panel at Comic-Con: Yes There Will Be More Horrible

A fan asks how would Dr. Horrible end or continue. Whedon says there WILL be another part to Dr. Horrible. Wow, big news. Exciting. They won’t tell us what it will be like.

Michael Vale passes away.

I’m a bit sad to hear that Michael Vale, the Dunkin’ Donuts baker from the 80s passed away today. His commercials were certainly memorable, enough that Staci still will occasionally try wake me up by saying “It’s time to make the doughnuts!”. Kudos, also to CNN for their solemn and classy headline: Death of a doughnut salesman

Berger believes many viewers related to Fred the baker’s plight: the idea of a worker who gets up at 3 in the morning every day because of his sense of responsibility.

Buffy the Terroist Slayer?

The Center for Strategic and International Studies published a report titled BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AND THE "BUFFY PARADIGM". I didn’t follow the Buffy series religiously but this is a very interesting read wherein the authors use gimmicks from the show to illustrate how a war on terror should be fought.


If this is the "Buffy paradigm", the "Buffy syndrome" is different. The characters in Buffy constantly try to create unrealistic plans and models, and live in a world where they never really face the level of uncertainty they must deal with. They do not live in a world of total denial, but they do seek predictability and certainty to a degree that never corresponds to the problems they face. In short, they behave as if they could create and live with the kind of strategy and doctrine that is typically developed by the US joint chiefs, could develop and implement an NSC decision memorandum, or solve their problems with the equivalent of a Quadrennial Defense Review.