Drupal going where ….

Yeah, I'm not going to use that line but Drupal is going to be used in the next Star Trek movie.  Pretty cool, but I wonder what took it so long?  I bet there's a huge overlap between the two communities.

It's no secret that many of us here at Palantir are fans of the science fiction genre, in particular the "Star Trek" franchise. Not only are we obsessed with Trek trivia and memorabilia, but every year for Halloween it's a tradition that at least one of us shows up at the office dressed up in Starfleet uniform.

Drupal for the Enterprise

Microsoft bullies the Danes

Once again, there’s something rotten in Denmark. From Gates vs Denmark on Groklaw, via BoingBoing it seems Bill Gates is close down 800 IT Jobs in Denmark if the country doesn’t support the software patents directive (what a star trek-y title by the way). Let’s hope Denmark’s politicians don’t cave in to this threat.

The founder of the world’s largest software company, Bill Gates, is now ready to shut down Navision in Denmark and move around 800 developers behind Denmarks biggest software success to the US.