Mame Cabinet links

Arcade cabinets and emulators were the topic of discussion on slashdot recently when they linked to Aaron Mahler’s site.

Aaron has thoroughly documented his project and its one of the most well done and updated online resources on the subject. I’m particularly impressed by how he wired his control panel so nicely. He’s as free with the wire as I was although I don’t think I used nearly 200 feet – maybe 60.

In the discussion, I came across a couple of links that ought to be of interest if you are planning on doing a similar project:

  • This project has inspired me to thinkg about putting some artwork on my cabinet. I’ve been contemplating leaving it as bare wood but some nice retro aracade artwork really improves a project.
  • I plan on grabbing some from Classic Arcade Game Art although I’m not sure how I’ll get this onto the wood itself. Maybe print it at kinko’s and use some adhesive to put it on nicely?
  • Oscar controls has a whole ton of useful artwork for control panels and marquees.