Noticing the little things

A crazy week of work led up to the holidays, leaving me without enough attention to put anything up on here. Happy belated turkey day to you all. I’m spending this Saturday hoping that VT can beat up on UVA – the only american football game I watch each year. Here are two amusing anectdotes for you to laugh at:

Last Tuesday, Staci aimed me from work that she was cutting out early and going to get a haircut. I saw her after work, and in true guy fashion I was completely oblivious to he hair cut. Granted, it was just a trim but I think you ladies need to realize that unless you shave your head bald, most of us aren’t going to notice.

I was sitting in line yesterday purchasing more cables and speaker wire at your local “goodest purchase” megastore when I looked at the latest Monopoly PC game. I’m not sure what marketdroid thought this tag line was a good idea: “Now in fully interactive 3D!”. Hmm, Monopoly in fully interactive 3D? That’s way better than the lame 2-D cardboard and metal pieces you get with the boardgame version.