Finally scored when it counted…

I’ve been subbing on my fiance’s co-ed indoor soccer team when they need extra guys to play. Last night, we lost a tight game but I managed to score one goal and get an assist on our first goal. This is the first time I’ve scored a goal in a non-pickup game. At least I’ve matched my career scoring record of one basket when I played in elementary school.

The goal was pure reaction, I found myself in the goal box after another shot rebounded. I noticed the goal keeper had commited to his left and sent my shot to his right. For a brief moment I was in a zone where I didn’t have to consciously think – my body just knew what to do. On the assist, it was a more creative set of quick passes. I received a quick pass at the top of the box and curled the ball one time behind the defender into the path of our forward.

While we lead at the half, we weren’t able to defend our lead and we lost the game. I think fatigue did us in at the end.