Looking back on Adu’s debut

A lot of folks have critiqued DC United for not starting Freddy at the DC United home opener. The main point of their argument is that MLS blew a chance to capitalize on the hype around Freedy and the interest of the casual fan by having him sit on the bench during a sold-out and nationally televised event. They sadly neglect that hype alone can not sustain a league – ahem, the WUSA – especially if that hype turns of more devoted fans. Devoted fans, like me, who want the team to play each game to win and the coach to make the best decisions for the Team. Luckily, Peter Novak made the right decisions Saturday.

Apparently, even Freddy agrees:

“It’s up to the coach to do what’s right for the team. Whatever decision Peter (Nowak) makes I have to go with it. I don’t necessarily have to agree with him but you have to respect him because he’s your coach and he’s trying to look out for the wellbeing of the team. All I can do is to work harder, practice and try to earn a starting spot.”