…or how Ginger came to my rescue

Yesterday, I had to send a package to Bolivia for my Mom using DHL since they are the only delivery company
that sends stuff to Bolivia. Being the geek that I am, I figured I could do it all through their website.

Attempt One- try to arrange pickup through their website. The website is quite slick, and it certainly seems
like a lot of money was poured into making it usable. But its not meant to be used by non-business shippers, it seems. At least I couldn’t figure it out. If I wanted to arrange pick up, I had to register with them and then register AGAIN for an account number. Well, this was certainly taking longer than expected, so on to plan B.

Plan B: locate a DHL office where I could take my package too. Easy enough, supposedly, to locate drop boxes and shipping stores by zipo code or phone number. I found one in Sterling, not more than a few miles from home, but this morning as I followed the direction from the web site, I found myself driving into a residential area. Figuring I wasn’t going to leave the package with someone who may or may not be running a DHL store front from their house, I headed to work resigned in going to a DHL office in Alexandria during my lunch hour.

When I arrived, Ginger was descending the stairs. When I told her I needed to send something with DHL she graciously offered to take care of it for me. Seeing as how she’s apparently much better versed than I am in dealing with the real world, I agreed.

Thanks Again, Ginger!