United game works out to a good time

I dragged a group of co-workers and friends to the United-Colorado, the first one Staci and I have been too since getting married actualy, game last night at it turned out to be a great time. Kudos to Barbara for getting Forum One to sponsor the outing and providing food and drinks. It rained a little while we set up for the tailgait, then stopped, then it rained again but by game time the sun had come out and dried us off.

The game itself was exciting and “dominated by United which really needed the win . After watching the 5-1 loss to dallas and last week’s bland 2-0 loss against San Jose, I was afraid they’d stink it up, play some boring soccer, and turn off the non-soccerphiles with us. Luckily, the team set a season record for shots on goals and passed the ball around really well.

They even got Ginger asking “Could it be? Do I like… SOCCER?!” but i think that’s more due to the shirt exchange between players at the end of regulation time.