Presidential Debate Thoughts

Nothing spectacularly insightful and I missed the first hour of the debate because we were watching the US-Panama World Cup Qualifier, but here are some observations:

  • In his answer to the no child left behind question, Kerry spoke about Hispanics and the president seemed to refer to them as “children whose parents don’t speak English.”
  • Bush blinks a lot when he’s not speaking.
  • Staci wants to know what George Bush has done domestically besides no child left behind.
  • I’m gonna try the “pound-the-podium” technique to get people to believe my points.
  • I think the blue background behind the candidates could lead to some interesting blue screen possibilites. Either Kerry or Bush could be the next Bert-is-Evil meme.
  • Bush says: “Freedom is a gift from the Almighty”, “Gog wants everyone to be free”, “Freedom is on the march in Afghanistan” but he “never wants to impose his religion on someone else.” So is he an instrument of God’s will on Earth?
  • You think Bush didn’t hear complaints from National Guard troops about a backdoor draft because his handlers make sure no dissenting voices make it to his campaign appearances?