So there was this “debate”

I figured I’d let all the real bloggers post their thoughts about the presidential debates last week. First of all, I think it’s a bit of stretch to call them debates – they really were more like simultaneous campaign commercials. I am glad though that people from both sides were able to listen to both of the candidates, something I don’t do myself either. But then again, I get my news from the daily show so I’m just a stoned slacker.

I think Kerry came off looking as the better prepared candidate. Bush kept saying the same things over and over no matter what the question was. I was also quite annoying that he kept asking JIm Lehrer for extra time to answer Kerry’s responses – sort of a “What I meant to say…”.

The most memorable Bush moment was in response to being asked, essentially, why Iraq was such a mess. His answer sounded like “Well, we didn’t expect to win so fast. When it came time to fight us, the insurgents wouldn’t face us directly and resort to guerrila tactics.” Well no freakin’ duh! What exactly did he expect an insurgent force to do against a much, much better prepared, trained, and equiped force. Is he trying to resurrect military tactics more popular during the 16th century? Is each side supposed to be drawing up their lines and facing each other as civilized gentlemen? I remember another insurgent force that had to face a bigger, better equipped invading army, it’s a bit hazy but I think I learned about it in my American History classes…

Finally, since its related to how the current administration is running their campaign for another four years, I suggest you all view this movie to see how Bush and the GOP use terrorism and 9/11.