Juggling stuff.

I haven’t updated in almost a week and I haven’t really put up anything significant in quite a while.  It’s not really because my INTP brain is getting bored with blogging, but real life and work have been pretty busy lately.  As a result, I haven’t had as much time to devote to writing for this site, curiously I still have time to play Warcraft every now and then.  Let’s recap whats going on over the last few weeks:


  • Finally delivered a Site-on-a-CD for a client, which had Mozilla Firefox on it for users to install.
  • Trying to launch a revamped site for same client
  • Re-launched the company website redesign, where we’re finally starting to eat our own dog food!
  • Starting on another site redesign for another client, finishing up the scoping phase so we can really build it.
  • Cleaning up the code for SyntaxCMS.  It runs on PHP5 now and we’ve made a lot of progress in eliminating error notices.


  • Tomorrow we close on our new house, tonight was the final walk through.
  • Packing up so that we can move to said new house and lining up movers.
  • Patty got engaged – whipped up a quick website for her wedding that should debut soon.
  • Trying to run at least 3 times a week.  I believe last weekend I agreed to run the Army 10-miler this Fall.
  • Reading the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, and subsequent books.
  • Trying to figure out if DC United’s lack of form ( 2 wins in 7 games? ) is worrisome.  We were worse at the beginning of last year and still won the championship.

Other Geek Pursuits

  • Did I mention World of Warcraft?
  • Redesign and relaunch my bolivian soccer site.
  • Setting up an automated web stats system for our personal server.  Any interest in me releasing these scripts?
  • Maintaining said shared server – although with debian and apt-get its magnitudes easier than our old Redhat box.
  • Fighting trackback spammers that have been hitting me every weekend for the last 3 weeks.
  • Figuring out what I want to do with it now that I registerd soccerblogs.net.  Any ideas?
  • Playing with the Powerbook – Tiger is nice even though its Address Book import capabilites failed me. iWork is really good, I used Pages to write a memo for work and I’ve never had as easy a time working with tables.  I think I need to take my laptop to work more often.

Geez, that’s a lot of stuff, once the move is done things should settle down more.  Anything I missed?