Nowak making a bad situation worse.

Both DCenters and Maradawga are rightly criticizing DC United Coach Piotr Nowak for helping to blow the current Adu controversy out of proportion. If you’re not up to speed, Freddy was suspended by the coach for Friday’s playoff game because he didn’t apologize to the team for his earlier comments about playing time.

Its disheartening to see Nowak focusing on getting Freddy to admit he was wrong, instead of getting past it and preparing for the home leg against the Fire. For someone who’s always talking about the team, how the players are professionals, how “we’ve got to play our game”, why can’t he put his ego aside and do his job? Chicago completely frustrated United’s midfield and disrupted our game. Just being at home on Sunday isn’t going to fix that.

Nowak is more concerned about reinforcing his position as the coach and all-around-guy-in-charge. He should be dealing with Adu’s comments as those of a frustrated, and competitive teenager who spoke his mind to reporter.

I’m not saying Freddy is completely blameless, as I think the adults around him are probably stroking his ego and elevating his expectations for playing time, and his importance to United.