Soccer Blogs update & features roadmap

The Soccer blogs aggregator continues to grow and last night I
rolled out a new feature. You can now search the articles in the
database and subscribe to the search results as an RSS or XML
feed. I hope this will be really useful if you write a blog or
are interested in a particular topic, country, leage, and/or
team. For example, you could enter ‘Major League Soccer’ in the
search form on the right side. Once you submit the form, you’ll
see the search results, grouped by day. The RSS and Atom links
are at the top of the page, shown in this screenshot.


These are some of the features I’ve got in the back of my head to implement:

  • Ping Service: notify the aggregator as you post, speed up getting new content displayed.
  • “Who’s Linking”: figure out linkages between posts and display them together.
  • Site Registration: visitors can register and get a profile on the site. Allow users to ignore certain blogs, subscribe to a personal feed.
  • Rate posts & Personalization: allow users to register and rate posts. Use rating to recommend other posts that might be of interest.

Any ideas you’ve got to make the aggregator better? I’d love to hear from you.