Another Broadcast Flag Bill

The MPAA and RIAA are trying to get a variation of the broadcast flag passed again.  This sneaks in a lot of control that would stifle innovation and give the content mill owners a veto over new devices.  The full details and way to contact your representative are available on the EFF’s site: Stop the MPAA and RIAA’s Horror Triple Bill!


The unprotected analog outputs of computers will be, in perpetuity, restricted to either DRM-laden standards, or to a “constrained image”, “no more than 350,000 pixels”. Analog video which has been branded as “do not copy”, will last for only ninety minutes only in the digital world – and will be erased, literally frame by frame, megabyte by megabyte, from your PC, without your control. You’ll watch a two hour film, and as you watch the final half hour, the first few scenes will be being dissolved away by statute.