Andy Hunt – How to Become a Professional Footballer

In the 3rd part Andry tells of what is was like to join Newcastle United that was in turmoil and under a lot of pressure. But he left with good memories and probably a little bit wiser.

I came into a side that was a decent team but the pressure on them was enormous, although I didn’t feel it too much being a young naïve newbie to the world of pro footy. Of course it sooned dawned on me what a cut-throat world it was as the manager that signed me was sacked soon after my arrival!! Doh, as Homer would say. What happens next? A manager being sacked sends shivers down the spines of any club

There are so few players blogging, understandably, so its nice to see former players recounting their experiences in this format. While very high profile players may be able to sell books about their playing career, it’s more insightful to see the professional football/soccer world in this way.