Latino Facts

Via Cafe Hayek comes this link to some basic facts about Latinos. I’d love to write more about the current immigration debate, but so far all it has inspired me to do is want to make a t-shirt with a picture of either the founding fathers or some pilgrims with the caption “The Original Illegal Immigrants”.

Here are some of my choice facts from the article:

2 Many immigrants are not Latino. There could be more than 100,000
Nigerians living in and around Houston. There are thousands of illegal
Irish immigrants in and around Boston. China, India, South Korea and
Canada are among the leading countries sending people here. Many
illegal immigrants are college students and workers who choose to
overstay their visas.

5 Language is not genetic. The Pew Hispanic Center shows that by
the third generation, 100 percent of Latinos speak English as their
first and often only language. This is the precise assimilation pattern
for every other foreign-language immigrant group in this country. P.S.
If you’re so opposed to non-English words, you may speak the names of
only 13 American states and almost no cities in the Southwest.

I hope to help my future kids buck that last trend, although technically I guess they’d be second generation not third generation.