World Cup Fantasy game is open

The official World Cup fantasy game is announced.  This isn’t a "pick the brackets" pool, more of a real fantasy game where you pick your squad of 23 players and gain points on their performance.

Select a squad of 23 players, who you think will shine at the finals
and decide on a formation, e.g. 4-4-2, 4-3-3, etc. You will be able to
chop and change your lineup as many times as you like before each match
but once a player is in action, he cannot be substituted for another.
You may also delegate a McDonald’s Star Player or captain – and however
many points this player earns on the field will be doubled. If you drop
a player from your roster, his place in future line-ups will be vacant
until the transfer window opens.

Once all the team rosters are set for the participating nations,  I’ll
create a league for us to play in.  If you’re interested, leave a
comment and I’ll get back to you.