Arena has his work cut out for him in NY

Saw that US Coach Bruce Arena will be on the sidelines at Metrobull games starting August 12th.  DCenters lays down the rules for his first MLS game back, against DC United.  And it sparked this great Point-Counterpoint with Chris:

Oscar: New York Red Bulls – News – 07/18/2006
Chris vS.: big shock there
Oscar: now we learn what is stronger, da Bruce or Metrostink
Chris vS.: you know red bulls will be the first team to shatter the salary cap
Chris vS.: that said, the GM could land some overpriced turds
Oscar: hopefully bruce has more power to change things there and doesn’t butt heads with the owners
Oscar: he needs the freedom to rebuild that organization from the ground up
Chris vS.: it will be interesting to see; I think Red Bull wants to win but they also want some big names to lure fans into the stadium – perhaps they can have both but i doubt it
Oscar: they need to start winning first
Chris vS.: not necessarily
Oscar: i think more fans left cause they were losers, not because they didn’t have enough big names
Chris vS.: there have been several sports franchises in history that have turned profits with losing records
Oscar: that’s different
Oscar: RBNY won’t be profitable as long as they play in Giants stadium
Chris vS.: i think a lot of people will come out to see Ronaldo, Zidane, and Beckham
Chris vS.: i think you are right about giants stadium; i just talked to a buddy of mine that lives in Brooklyn; he would go to more games if they were in the city
Oscar: I guess new york is big enough that you’d have enough casual fans who’d come out to a handful of games if you have players of that stature
Chris vS.: not only would they get fans but the would also get TV and sponsors which are sadly more important than fans