How much email do you delete?

Wether your a hoarder or deleter, your inbox says a lot about you according to a study at the Center for Internet Behavior.  i’m a deleter, but its more because I get a lot of email that’s not worth keeping after I read them- messages from my server, mlsnet and dcunited offer.  If its from a friend or family member I don’t delete, unless its something about coordinating dinner tonight or meeting up over the weekend.  The conclusions from this study are amusing if anything, and have some funny anectdotes.

On the other hand,
if you obsessively clean your inbox every 10 minutes, you may be so
quick to move on that you miss opportunities and ignore nuances. Or
your compulsion for order may be sapping your energy from other
endeavors, such as your family.

 Umm, if you clean your inbox every ten minutes,  your family is suffering because you’re in front of the computer 24×7!!

A few months ago, Scott
Stratten was suffering from what he terms “inbox paralysis.” A
marketing consultant in Oakville, Ontario, he had 500 old messages in
his inbox, all needing responses. “I felt so guilty, I couldn’t even
bring myself to open my email,” he says.

In desperation, he
decided to delete all his messages. He then sent an email blast to 400
people on his contact list, telling them a lie. He made up a story that
his Internet service provider had informed him that some emails weren’t
getting through, and that was why friends and clients never heard back
from him. “People were very empathetic,” he says, “and it allowed me to
start fresh.”

Dude, hate to break to you but 490 of those messages were spam …  Anyone care to share tips for how they manage their email beyond deleting the fluff?  As usual, this story is being discussed on slashdot too.