O’s fans protest

So full up front discolure –  I’m not a baseball fan by any strech.  Partially for two reasons, my only memory of professional baseball when I was younger is that it would throw a giant monkey wrench into my afternoon TV watching habits.  Also, I was a terrible player during my little league career, mostly cause I couldn’t motivate myself much to stand in the grass or sit on a bench.  What brings this up?  This little news blurb from ESPN, which I’m posting because its about my wife’s hometown team the Orioles.  Seems fans are none to pleased with where Angelos’ ownership has taken the team and it all culminated in a walk out protest during yesterdays game.

Baltimore is in the midst of its club-record ninth consecutive
losing season, all of them under the leadership of Angelos, who
gained control of the franchise in 1993.