Warcraft, MLS, and Toad pictures

I’ve reorganized my online gallery and have also added pictures.
First, there’s a set from United home game honoring the 1996
championshi team. At this game, Staci turned into quite the autograph
hound and among the ones she collected were Etcheverry, Raul Diaz Arce,
Jaime Moreno, Jeff Agood, Ben Olsen, and a lot of other players.

Using the macro mode of my camera, I took some really cool pictures of a toad(frog?) that somehow managed to climb up to our deck.

Finally, after watching last night’s South Park episode about
World of Warcraft, Staci and I logged in to get a quick fix. I had a
bunch of screenshots that I never got around to updating including the
following two:

I’m still using Menalto Gallery 2
as the back end for the albums. Its a pretty big and feature rich php
application, and at times i’ve wondered if I’d be better off repalcing
it with something lighter. But it’s integration with iPhoto as well as
a java-based desktop app makes adding pictures a snap. If it wasn’t so
easy to get pictures on the web, I’m not sure I’d ever add new albums.