Me Sick, Pete Engaged, Patty under observation

A more eventful week than I would have preferred, as a fever forced me to leave work early on Tuesday. Bed rest and little else were the order of the day through Wednesday.

Yesterday, Pete called to let me know he finally got engaged to Melissa. Although hes had the ring for a few weeks now, apparently Melissa put together a romantic dinner at home on Halloween, which he "wasn’t going to be able to top" so he opted for the nuclear option to trump her. Or something like that. Anyways, congrats you crazy kids – enjoy the thrilling ride that is wedding planning. Thank you for giving me an excuse to post this picture, from when you guys were in town last year.

Finally, over at her blog, Patty’s keeping us updated on her EKG/heart situation, which so far has mostly resulted in trips to the doctor and having to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. She’ll be in NoVA this weekend, so I’m excited to see her this weekend. Its really weird not to have her nearby.