Social Networking + Soccer = Ziga-Zoga

A new community site for soccer players and fans launched last week – Ziga-Zoga.  I just registered to check it out.  They have some crazy Terms of Service, I’m sure everyone will read all the legalese and abide by it.  I’m not the most astute networker out there, so I’m lost on any of these "tell-us-about-your-life-and-we’ll-connect-you-with-people" sites.   It doesn’t look like a lot of people have joined, so I won’t judge it yet.  I’m a little lost of what I can do with the site.  The classifieds look interesting, and you can post pictures and link to media.  If you’re a soccer player/parent/coach/fan, it might not hurt to join.

We believe that our soccer family, when united, can be a powerful force for change and it is our mission to help grow and develop our community with you. Being a people-powered and bottom-up organization — listening to our community’s interests and needs above all else — we’ll be able to build an amazing support sytem for all our needs. In order to develop Ziga-Zoga from what it is today to what it will be tomorrow we’ll need help from the extended soccer community. With your collective Heart, Hunger, Humility and Mind we can achieve the unthinkable together.