New Tivo Video and Photo Sharing Service

Tivo has partnered with One True Media to let users share video and photos with other Tivo users.  This announcement from Tivo means we probably won’t view Youtube videos on your Tivo anytime soon (without a lot of hackery),.  Can this work?  How many people have broadband connected Tivos?  While its free for the people who view the videos, who’s going to pay $4/month or $40/year to share videos with someone on her Tivo when they can upload them for free to Youtube or burn them to a DVD?  I’d imagine the potential audience for this service is an order of magnitude smaller than Youtube or even Bittorrent, so what is the carrot for would be online TV show producers?

You can also create your own video channel on One True Media, and TiVo users can subscribe to your channel by using the TiVo’s Season Pass feature, and then with each video or slideshow you upload an edit will end up automatically on that TiVo users Now Playing List just like any other Season Pass recording.