Convey recovering for start of EPL season

Bobby Convey never quite recovered from a knee injury suffered during last year’s World Cup.  He cut his season short in February to undergo a second operation and now expects to be ready to start training with Reading when the English preseason begins.  Paul Vigna interviews Convey about his injury, and also his prospects for the future.  He hints at returning stateside someday.  My money would be on him returning to play for an MLS team in Philly.  Of course this is still a few years off, Convey is still a yoing player and has 2 more years with his current team.

"I have just starting running and have been continuing to do my strength work," the Philadelphia native, who cut his season with Reading short in February to have surgery on his knee, wrote in an e-mail Sunday. "The doctor has said just be very patient with this injury and has cleared me to start running.