LA Galaxy – Sasquatch next?

The LA Galaxy is rumoured to be chasing the elusive northwestern primate Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot, to replace their current mascot Cozmo.  Alexi Lalas was overheard saying "An alien frog was great when no one knew about us, but now that we have Beckham coming and Tom Cruise rumoured to be buying the club, it is time to add this crypto-zoologic star to the Galaxy family." 

When asked about the rumors Cozmo replied "I would hope that 4 years of loyal mascotting would count for something with the Front Office, but that’s the kind of business we’re in.  It’s not like being an MLS Mascot is that lucrative – I hear Talon does appearances on the side for the Nationals and American University.  I’ve already received offers to join teams in the First division on Virgon Seven and another from a club on the third moon of Endor.  I’d like to stay with the club, but its now in the front office’s hands."

Bigfoot could not be reached for comment.