Amusing Craiglist Jobs

  • Green Non-profit seeks IT Director: for 45-55k you can "have significant experience in management of technology projects and teams. S/he will work with the team and the Chief Business Officer to develop clear technology performance standards and create and implement strategies for meeting those standards."  As long as you have "Three to five years solid experience in managing technology-focused teams and projects, plus 5-10 years experience doing technical work of this nature."  WTF – who with 8-15 years experience, is going to take a job for 45-55k?
  • Web Developer:  part time, $15/hour
  • Webmaster: "Must work with vendor, staff and volunteers to develop and maintain dynamic real time information on site during extended business day."  Translation: willing to work 12-15 hour days.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education seeks a Web Designer who " will have have several years of expertise hand-
    writing code; design sensibility; solid background with XHTML, CSS, DOM-based JavaScript, fully-tableless layouts, semantic code, and Flash actionscript;".  I’d like to be there when they find this designer riding a unicorn chased by Sasquatch.
  • Here’s a hybrid IT Support/Web Developer who along with supporting and maintaining a web site, will also provide IT support to the organization, and systems administration.  The list of technologies to know spans quite a range, and while the generalist in my can check off the majority of them, there aren’t enough hours in a day for one person to do all these.  Plus its a non-profit job, so you’ll be overworked AND underpaid.
  • Finally, we have Great opportunity! Dating site looking for partner to handle website!, How can you resist a post with not one, but two exclamation points.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned at work, its that exclamation points are way under used by most people! This post not only has a exclamatory title, the "job" has no pay until the site has some revenue.  If you take that job, read your contract very carefully to make sure you will get paid.

Thats it.  I didn’t expect to find 6 jobs on the first page alone, but there you have it.  Since I can’t think of any better way to end this post, my employer is looking to hire a Web Developer. As I told the head hunter that called me at work there, its a good place to work – I’ve been there for almost seven years now.